25 mln

children did not receive important routine vaccinations in 2021

6 mln


more than in 2019

Failure to successfully meet targets set up in Goal 3 will result in further: 

  • increase in morbidity and mortality worldwide, from several percent to several dozen due to infectious diseases and chronic non-communicable diseases;
  • difficulties in accessing health care and medicines, especially in poor communities.

According to​ WHO date from 2019 already existing problems are related to following health care issues: 

Infectious diseases:

Non-communicable diseases:

Access to primary health care constitutes in significantly limited in:

  • Africa accounts for 24% of HIV/AIDS cases,
  • Asia accounts for about 60% of malaria cases,
  • South America accounts for 30% of cases of Chagas disease.
  • Europe has about 30% mortality from heart disease,
  • North America has about 20% cancer mortality,
  • Australia and Oceania suffers 15% mortality from respiratory diseases.
  • Asia with 40% of population is without access to primary health care,
  • Latin America: with about 20% of population without access to primary health care,
  • Africa where 50% of population is left without access to primary health care.