Goal 14

Protect and use oceans, seas and marine resources sustainably

Implementation of Goal 14 will allow to:

  • prevent marine pollution, in particular from land-based activities, including garbage and food waste dumped into the sea;
  • protect marine and coastal ecosystems in a sustainable manner to avoid significant adverse impacts, by strengthening their resilience and recovery efforts, and ensuring the health and productivity of the oceans;
  • minimize effects of ocean acidification;
  • regulate seafood harvesting and eliminate overfishing, illegal, unregistered, and unregulated fishing, and destructive fishing practices;
  • rebuild the fish population, at least to a level that allows for a maximum renewable level of sustainable fishing, in accordance with the characteristics of each species;
  • protect at least 10% of coastlines and sea areas, in accordance with national and international law and using the best sources of scientific information;
  • enhance the economic benefits for small island developing states and least developed countries from the use of marine resources, through sustainable management of fisheries, aquaculture, and tourism;
  • expand scientific knowledge and marine technologies;
  • provide local small-scale fishermen with access to markets and marine resources.

Based on: https://www.un.org.pl/cel14