Goal 9

Build stable infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and support innovation

Implementation of Goal 9 will allow to:

  • promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization;
  • significantly increase the share of industry in employment and GDP generation, taking into account national conditions, and will double this share in the least developed countries;
  • increase access of small and other enterprises, including industrial ones, in particular in developing countries, to financial services and affordable credit, and integrate them into value chains and ensure market participation;
  • improve quality of infrastructure and introduce sustainable industrial development by increasing the efficiency of the use of resources and the use of clean and environmentally friendly technologies and production processes, with the participation of all countries, according to their capabilities;
  • strengthen scientific research and raise the technological level of the industrial sector in all countries, especially in developing countries, through innovation, significantly increasing in number of R&D workers and increasing public and private financing for development;
  • significantly increase access to information and communication technologies and ensure affordable and universal access to the Internet in the least developed countries.

Source: https://www.un.org.pl/cel9